2021 Connecticut Cleanup

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Join us this September for Connecticut Cleanup!

Date: Saturday, September 18th
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 AM

We believe that loving the environment is more than loving the great outdoors - it means working to preserve it!

This September, we are proudly supporting the 2021 Connecticut Cleanup, a yearly trash cleanup effort organized by Save the Sound. Each year, dedicated volunteers gather to help preserve the environment and our coastlines by removing trash from where it doesn't belong - our communities and waterways.

Last year, Connecticut Cleanup volunteers removed 7,499 lbs. of litter from 133 miles of coastline!

Join us to help your community and keep the beaches you love and our oceans clean by signing up to pick up trash at your local Cleanup.

cleanup one

2020 CT Coastal Cleanup where we used kayaks to clean up some of Norwalk's smaller items. We pushed off from Calf Pasture and got over 100lbs of trash!

cleanup two

2019 CT Coastal clean up at Veteran's Park in Norwalk. Volunteers were from Garavel Subaru, Surfriders and some local Norwalkers!

cleanup three

Paul Garavel using a small vessel to lug some of our heavier trash from the smaller islands around Norwalk.

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